Overbar empowers your team with the knowledge, understanding and skills around digital marketing to become the catalysts to achieve digital excellence.


Overbar uses technical expertise, knowledge and passion to help businesses  grow their digital economy.
Take a look at the core packages we offer to help you become a more strategic digital marketer.

A universal toolkit that is quick to learn and simple to apply.

Be equipped with the understanding, skill, jargon and confidence to upsell SEO and PPC to your clients.

Giving agencies a competitive edge.

Better understand digital marketing to be able to know which direction to take.

A holistic approach that guides and upskills internal teams.

Supporting senior management who want to gain digital fluency on how to thrive online.

Visit the Digital Toolkits page for a more detailed breakdown of each of our core services.


We provide digital marketing training that helps businesses to build capability internally.

We’re a strategy-first digital training agency. We work with you and your team to understand your business objectives help outline a roadmap on your priority projects.