the team.


The whole economy is becoming increasingly reliant on a digital marketplace with some companies having to pivot their strategies within days in order to survive.
Those that are successfully adapting, did so because of their teams coming together to create, establish and amplify a digital presence.



Experienced in digital marketing both client and agency side, Katie has been in marketing positions and in latter years, worked as a Sales Consultant selling digital marketing as a vital tool to be seen and heard online.

Working across such a large and varied client base from start-ups, MNCs, SMBs and Government bodies, and with employees of all levels, Katie has perfected the art of reading and knowing her audience thus tailoring her approach, so no one is left behind.

FUN FACT: I’ve been to (almost) all the UK music festivals.

LIFE ESSENTIAL: Almond Milk Cappuccino

DISLIKES: The word ‘moist’ and feet.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Anything Chocolate



Roxi spent her career developing digital brands by leading, building and maintaining their presence in the digital world through strategies rooted in content marketing, technical SEO and paid media.

She’s led training workshops for global ecommerce brands including Jimmy Choo and Revolution Beauty, training agency teams to help them become the best in class and supporting growing businesses with a vision but a bootstrapped budget.


FUN FACT: Was the star of the H&M health and safety videos


DISLIKES: People with no manners

GUILTY PLEASURE: A Netflix marathon

The community spirit mirrored our long-term belief, that digital efforts are more successful when everyone's working towards the same objectives.
Katie and Roxi