BEST FOR: Individuals

A universal toolkit that is quick to learn and simple to apply. Kickstarter consolidates everything you need to know to further your SEO and PPC knowledge and capabilities to better service your clients.


BEST FOR: Client Services and Sales Teams

Be equipped with the understanding, skill, jargon and confidence to upsell SEO and PPC to your clients, by understanding how to use the tools and apply the theory successfully.


BEST FOR: Agencies
Giving agencies a competitive edge; training you to understand how your offering sits in accordance to the wider digital strategy.


BEST FOR: SMBs and Growing businesses

Better understand digital marketing to be able to know which direction to take and where to invest marketing budgets for optimal returns.


BEST FOR: Larger businesses and Brands

A holistic approach that guides and upskills internal teams with ways to work together to achieve digital transformation.


BEST FOR: Executives

Supporting senior management who want to gain digital fluency on how to thrive online.


In a digitally connected world, your digital strategy is fast becoming a core component of, if not replacing, your traditional business strategy. 

Our focus is to give people the tools and strategies they need to achieve results.

  • We equip people for digital success – helping your team feel comfortable interrogating data to detect patterns, themes, and relationships in information.
  • Don't know where to start with digital? We outline a structured learning approach to help you invest your time into the right areas that will have the best ROI.
  • Customers don't work in silo's so why should your digital efforts? We help you understand a multi-channel approach and how to use it in order to better your business.
  • Every client has a specific need. It’s important you know how to frame your digital services in a proposal that sells itself.
  • Our approach illustrates concepts with theoretical examples and practical application so the impact of our training goes beyond the initial sessions.